Bone health

Bone density determines its strength. During osteoporosis occurs decrease in bone density, bones become soft and easier to brake under the force that couldn’t cause that kind of damage before.
Redoce of bone density occurs due to insuficcient movement, bad habits and hormone disbalance, such as menopause.

OSTEOWELL is entirely natural product for bone health preservation and it removes discomfort which occurs in menopause. It consists of lingans from the linen seeds which bring sex hormones into balance.


It is a natural product based on dry extract of green oats in the form of Linumlife EXTRA standardized of % of lingans, which is five times more from lignin content in source form of linen seeds.
Main herbal lignan is sekoisolariciresynol diglucoside (20% SDG), which is, with the help of bowels’ flora, being decomposed into active enterodiol enterodiol (END) and enterolakton (ENL).
END and ENL have impact on effect of movement of sex hormones, which is manifester by reducing difficulties in menopause, preservation of bone health and reduce of loss of hair.

It stimulates bone growth and prevents bone mass loss Reduces hair loss Slows down ageing process Regulates balance of hormones with women in menopause


Zdravlje kostiju

Clinical studies

Impact of linen fitoaestrogen on osteoporosis
Reduced level of aestrogen during and after menopause contributes to bone mass loss and increase of risk of osteoporosis among women. Because of potential side effects due to use of hormone substitutional therapy, a research of lingans from linans was conducted. Lingans from linen have a positive input on health through its estrogen and anti-estrogen inpact. Main lignane in linen seed is sekoisolaricirezinol diglucoside (SDG), which is, with the help of bowel flora, dissoluted into active enterodiol (END) and enterolactone (ENL).

During the criss-cross research which lasted for six weeks, 38 women in post-menopause took either 38 gr of linen seeds or were a part of a control group. It is found that linen seeds diet leads towards decrease of biomarkers for resorption of bone which refers to the positive input on bone metabolism.

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As a responsible company dedicated to your good health, we tend to give you right information in every moment. You are welcome to ask anything about the Swiss Nature supplements. Doctors cooperating with us are at your service.

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