Detoxification and antioxidants

Antioxidants take part in cells combatting against free radicals, and in that way aid detoxification of organism. Detoxification results in cleansing of organism from everyday outer influence of wide range of toxins. By regular detoxification and daily intake of antioxidants from natural matters, you can maintain the entire organisms’ health.


OXIWELL is a powerful natural formula for strengthening immunity and prevention of health. It contains high level of blueberry, which is a natural antioxidant when combatting free radicals that damage cell structure.

Blueberry has a powerful antioxidant feature and it ties free radicals, and in that way prevents cell damage, which brings to prevention of good health.

Antocianines are herbal pigments which give bluberry a darker colour. They are attributed to be responsible for antioxidant input of blueberry.

Strenghtens immunity system Preserves good sight Slows down skin ageing Makes skin more elastic Improves microcirculation


Silymarin is an important antioxidant which protects and enables regeneration of liver cells, while artichoke accelerates bile secretion and in such way encourages natural digestion of foods rich in fats.

Liverwell is a natural product based on artichoke and silymarin extracts which:

Naturally regenerate and protect liver Accelerate bile flow and encourages digestion Reduce flatulence, sickness and pain Reduce cholesterol level Protect liver from toxic impact due to excessive alcohol or drug intake Recommended in cases of liver cirrhosis, fatty liver and liver inflammation

Swiss Nature - Diabetes DIABETES

Diabetes is a modern-day illness which entails numerous complications. Supplements maintain normal sugar level and prevent appearance of new complications in a natural way. Most common complications are cardiovascular diseases, nephropathies, retinopathies and diabetic foot.

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Swiss Nature - Zdravlje kostiju BONE HEALTH

Reduced level of oestrogen in the period during and after menopause, leads towards loss of bone mass and increases risk of appearance of osteoporosis among women. Because of that, it is advised to use supplements, as well as to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly and reduce body weight and change the daily routine.

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Swiss Nature - Mentalno zdravlje MENTAL HEALTH

Supplements for improving cognitive abilities, memory and reducing stress level. Daily preventive use is recommended for individuals holding stressful job positions, students when preparing for exams, as well as for older population in order to improve mental abilities and maintain sharp mind.

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Swiss Nature - Detoksikacija i antioksidanti DETOXIFICATION AND ANTIOXIDANTS

Antioxidants prevent cell damage under the influence of free radicals and in that way they prevent appearance and development of illnesses and cell ageing. The entire organism health can be maintained by orderly detoxification and daily intake of antioxidants form natural matters.

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Swiss Nature - Nega kože SKIN CARE

Skin is the biggest human organ which demands special care. Because of that, skin irregularities, damages and scars draw special attention. Products with herbal extracts for skin care accelerate the process of healing of wounds of different origins by reducing irregularities, which make skin soft and smooth.

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Swiss Nature - Saveti lekara DOCTOR’S ADVICE

As a responsible company dedicated to your good health, we tend to give you right information in every moment. You are welcome to ask anything about the Swiss Nature supplements. Doctors cooperating with us are at your service.

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