Diabetes is a chronic non-communicable disease which manifests through increase in high blood sugar level due to disorder of insulin secretion. It appears as a consequence of stress, modern life, irregular nutrition and increase in body weight.

In order to prevent appearance of diabetes, apart from changing the way of living, try out DIABETWELL capsule dietary supplement, which can maintain normal level of blood sugar in a natural way. Self-control is most necessary for individuals suffering from diabetes, so you should measure your blood sugar level regulary, in order to prevent complications in blood vessels such as: cardiovascular illnesses, diabetic nephropathies, diabetic retinopathies and diabetic foot.

Diabetic foot is most dramatic diabetes complication that can end up with an amputation. In order to prevent such complication, apart from regular foot hygiene, use DIABETWELL cream daily..


DIABETWELL cream is a revolutionary formula on our market intended for prevention of diabetic foot, most dramatic diabetes complication. DIABETWELL cream gives effective care and affects micro damages on dry and damaged skin. Active ingredients are following: peptide complex, alantoin and rosemary leaf extract.

Peptide complex is composed of chosen amino acids which bind to receptors in deeper skin layers and stimulate collagen, fibrocetin and glicozaminglican syntezis. Such reaction encourages connective tissue cell growth, accelerates regeneration and efficiently hydrates skin. Alantoin is an active engredient of natural origin which stimulates division and growth of cells in the subcutaneous tissue. In this way regeneration and hydratation is being accelerated, which makes skin smooth. Rosemary leaf extract has a strong antioxidant, antiseptic and antimicrobic effect that protects skin from free radical and microorganisms, and in this way it reduces possibility for occurrence of infections due to micro damages.


Diabetwell is a completely natural dietary product based on Portusana plant. It is proven in clinical studies that Portusana influences the blood sugar level by its triple mechanism, sine it reduces glucose absorbtion from the wowels, giving sence of fullness and helps glucose transport into the cell. Portusananot only reduces blood sugar level, but also reduces fats, holesterol and triglycerides level.

Diabetwell can be used independently as a prevention of pre-diabetes and beginning phase of diabetes or with previously prescribed therapy of oral anti-diabetics or insulin.

Natural blood sugar level regulation Controls appetite Contributes in faster combustion of fats Does not cause hipogyucemia



Clinical studies

Double blind clinical study
Research was conducted in Edith Wolfson hospital in Israel in the period of 2004-2005, in accordance with good clinical praxis and is approved by Ethic committee. Clinical study lasted for 12 weeks, it was randomized, doubble blind, with control-placebo group. 63 participants with insulin independent diabetes type 2. Daily dose of Portusana: 180mg (3 x 60mg)

Results: After 6 weeks level of HbA1C has improved with at least 80% of patients, and after 12 weeks, concentration of HbA1C was significantly reduced in comparison to the placebo group.
At the end of the study there was a decrease in HbA1C for 0.85 units, which surpassed placebo for 44%. No serious side effects were recorded, and extract itself is well tolerated during the followed period.

Customer experience

Rudika-Senta, I am amazed!I had bloog sugar level of 9-10, and Diabetwell reduced it to 6and keeps it in normal.

Bogdana-N.Beograd, after a stroke I started suffering from diabetes, which I maintain with the help of Diabetwell to 6-7 units.

Milena-Zemun, Diabetwell is great thing for me because it helps in reducing 3-4 units of blood sugar.

Ružica-Niš, I am amazed and I really like it, since it has mild herbal origin and helps in maintaining blood sugar level.

Darinka-Smederevo,I used Diabetwell for a few months and I have big improvement, since my blood sugar level reduced from 9 to 6 units for only 3-4 weeks.

Dragan Otanjac-Beograd, I have never felt better because Diabetwell helps in regulating blood sugar which I started as a preventive due to stressful job.

Muharem-Novi Pazar, I am in a good mood again and my blood sugar level is reduced.

Dragan-Ruma, with Diabetwell, my blood sugar level reduced from 10 to 6 units without bigger efforts.

Stevan-Novi Sad, with Diabetwell, I improved my health by only maintaining my blood sugar level under control in between 5 and 6 units, and I started drinking it as a preventive measure. It really suits me.

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As a responsible company dedicated to your good health, we tend to give you right information in every moment. You are welcome to ask anything about the Swiss Nature supplements. Doctors cooperating with us are at your service.

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